Ventilator Allocation Optimization Dashboard

With this dashboard health care decision-makers can easily set parameters and see where ventilators should be moved to have the greatest impact in saving lives. The dashboard is for illustration purposes with sample data, but can be turned into a real life usage version quickly.

Epidemic Predictive Analytics Case Study

This video is our effort to help others gain insight into the potential spread of COVID-19 by utilizing our scenario analysis technology. We have used two simplified models.

Product Strategy Case Study

If you are a product manager, a senior executive that has product responsibilities or anybody involved in setting product strategy, this video is for you. Set the revenue composition of all of the products in a given market and see the immediate overall impact. Just click. Drag. Decide. Let the conversation guide what

Loan Portfolio Dashboard Use Case

This video is for senior bank managers to set loan portfolio strategy. You can analyze portfolio performance and establish strategy with live data. Just click. Drag. Decide. We are able to observe the impact on the net contribution of the portfolio with each strategic steps what we can take. ActiveGraf allows real time